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Come on

The first step is deciding how to begin your journey in Velovita; As a Member, Partner or Customer.

Based on this, the second step is to receive the quantity of products that is right for you and your chosen membership. It’s easy to share with your family and friends, so think about it before you order.

The more products you buy, the bigger the discount and the more you will be able to earn revenue with our various membership rewards!



Velovita is about speed and we support quick success!

We also give you the opportunity to succeed in online commerce as well.

After all, our membership payout plan includes a variety of bonuses after product purchases.

Promote and enjoy

Our members are the stars of our company and have the right to move forward, develop and GROW!

You have access to free products and receive a commission payment on every product purchase you make. The more widely you distribute Velovita products, the more revenue you can earn and become a bigger and brighter star in our community!

The new approach

Social sales, combined with Velovita’s exclusive ecosystem, make it easy to share your experiences with those who care. If you focus on improving your daily performance, you can become a player in society that your friends want to become and pick up your vibration sooner or later. And we believe we need to reward good performance!

Retail bonus

Our Affiliate Rewards allow you to earn a nice commission, even on purchases only at the suggested retail value, as we offer products at a significant discount  For you. You can keep the retail and purchase price  the difference!


Sharing is a concern

We are all looking for value and benefits in our lives, so we sincerely want Velovita to be a positive force in our daily lives and in the lives of our new customers.

We have created a platform with which you can share Velovita products with those who are interested, and you can get rewards and recognition with a company that is stably present in the background and contributes to your fun everyday life!

Cooperation and celebration

Teamwork always results in the achievement of dreams, and we know that a solid support group is important for success. As you begin to put your team together and help them thrive, you will be rewarded in a number of ways while having fun and developing your personality! The new registration will also reward you for success: encourage everyone to collaborate and a truly well-performing team will be the result of your efforts.

There is more!

What do multiple revenue streams mean? Well, in addition to the above, you can use Velovita to create a diversified (diversified) income to achieve your goals by participating in e-commerce. If you really understand what multiple income is and put in the energy, it means you can revive the dreams you dreamed of as a child and make them a reality. It's never too late!

Royalty bonuses

As our company rewards the team’s efforts, you will feel the power of multiple revenue in the future. Our royalty bonus pays you a certain percentage of your team's commission. This well-deserved source of passive income is the result of his efforts to motivate and motivate the team’s progress within Velovita.

Group commission

Have you ever imagined how to make money while sleeping or on vacation? Multiple commissions are by far the most important benefit of financial freedom and that is the benefit of building with Velovita - where our ecosystem system helps our members work smarter rather than harder. By systematically increasing the number of active members on your team, your business can exceed your own efforts.

This is the beginning of real-time freedom!

A little extra!

If you have ambitious goals  there are, these extra bonuses really get you started  Towards a life you could only imagine.  As soon as you become one of the "elite stars", you will also receive a weekly bonus, which is  awesome!  His commitment to the company and his team  it deserves a reward commensurate with its efforts.  We are truly your biggest fans!


Profit sharing

We are together in this! That is why we want to share our success by treating our most successful representatives as partners. So we’ll share a portion of our global revenue, yes, read on: we’ll share a portion of our global revenue with you on a quarterly basis. That's why it's worth Velovita

Become a V-Star! We really want you to succeed!

Choose your path

He has written a song that has remained a hit year after year and has enjoyed the royalties that come with it  income?  Well, now you can enjoy the same reward and not even have to sing!  For you only  we made it  the retirement plan.  We want to be there for you in the beginning, and our commitment is to accompany you on your journey and welcome you into your new future - and as we  let's say his life is reborn  !

Ready to go?
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